Coatings in Santa Fé and Northern, NM

Mircon, LLC is your premier source for custom coatings in Hernandez, NM. Our specialized team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to helping you get the perfect finish you need for any project. We provide high quality coating solutions that meet or exceed industry standards and expectations. Whether it's small projects or large scale endeavors, you can trust our experienced staff to apply their knowledge of best practices when application any chosen product. We know the art of painting and varnishing requires patience and skill, so our team ensures that no detail is overlooked during the entire process.

At Mircon, LLC we create unique finishes to fit each customer's needs. All of our special formulations will add a touch of color and texture to your project, improving its look and quality immediately. With an array of textures, shades and finishes on hand suited for any job type; as well as top-notch customer service from start to finish - you'll never go wrong with Mircon when it comes to protective coatings! Invest in your building today by utilizing the services here at Mircon - you won't regret it!

Location: Santa Fé and Northern, NM

Call: (505) 636-3331


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